COVID-19: Mauritius lost the most economically in Africa

"No other country in Africa has lost so much in economic terms to the pandemic." ~ World Bank

"The World Bank is releasing its new Country Economic Memorandum for Mauritius on Wednesday. A report that was prepared during the pandemic. As Senior Country Economist of the World Bank, what is your assessment of the impact of the crisis on the Mauritian economy?

First of all, I think Mauritians deserve to be congratulated for the management of the Covid-19 health emergency. Every life lost to this disease is one life too many. Mauritius coped with the pandemic better than most other countries in the world. It was impressive to witness this first-hand over the past year. Unfortunately, in economic terms, the country has been hit very hard. Comparing the pre-pandemic GDP growth forecast for 2020 (between 3% and 4% depending on the source) with the actual result, a recession of almost 15%, no other country in Africa has lost so much in economic terms to the pandemic.

This is due to the economy's heavy reliance on tourism and travel - including business travel - as well as containment measures. The government responded with a strong support program, one of the largest in the world as a share of GDP. This prevented a secondary crisis in the financial sector and massive layoffs. But we see that unemployment has picked up again and stood at 10.4% at the end of 2020. Perhaps most worryingly, the effect of the pandemic seems to have been more pronounced on those who were already vulnerable before. 69% of the self-employed reported income losses, compared to 20% of employees, according to Statistics Mauritius data."

Interview published by the Business Magazine  in French, partial interview extracted and translated into English by  Wwwdotgotodotmu - Consulting

Consult the complete interview with Erik Von Uexküll (World Bank Senior Country Economist) 

Jun 24, 2021

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