Mauritius Budget 2021-22 - Immigration - Premium Travel Visa

Immigration permit proposed changes for the Budget 2021-22 in Mauritius

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On the 11th June 2021, the Mauritian Minister of Finance presented the Budget 2021-22

At this stage, what follows are proposals which have not yet been enacted into law and are subject to the Budget 2021-22 Bill being ratified by Parliament in Mauritius.

We have focused on 6 sectors of the Budget 2021-22:

  1. Immigration
  2. Corporate Tax
  3. Personal Tax
  4. Value Added Tax
  5. Tax Administration
  6. Other Tax

Immigration is the first category we have addressed. The other categories will be added regularly. When you access these articles you have an opportunity to join our private Facebook group and discuss the 8 individual permit changes for immigrating to Mauritius. Just follow the instructions on each link/article below.

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Premium Travel Visa

  1. A holder of a premium Visa spending 183 days or more, will be subject to income tax as follows:
    (i) the Mauritian-sourced income of a Premium Visa Holder (e.g. emoluments for work performed remotely in Mauritius) will be taxed on a remittance basis;
    (ii) money spent in Mauritius through the use of foreign credit or debit cards by the holder of a Premium Visa will not be deemed to have been remitted to Mauritius; and
    (iii) income brought and deposited in a bank account in Mauritius will be liable to tax except if a declaration is made by the holder of a Premium Visa that the required tax has been paid thereon in his country of origin or residence
  2. Holders of a premium travel visa having acquired a unit under the Invest Hotel scheme will not have any restrictions with regards to the number of days they can occupy their units.

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