Land for sale in Mauritius

Incredible opportunity to acquire spectacular freehold land and beachfront freehold.

(updated December 2018)


Beachfront, forest and sugar land available in different sizes and prices ranging from 3 acres to 350 acres and from MUR 400,000 per acre to MUR 3,500,000 an acre. Click here for rate of exchange MUR in Euro.
The respective land are suited for tourism, property development scheme (PDS) for foreign acquisition, gated high standing real estate plots to sold to Mauritians.
For further information please contact us for different size and respective price.

Dec 17, 2018

What is Builderium? (Blockchain)

Builderium is a platform that facilitates contact between construction workers and contractors' clients.

There are three challenges to overcome within the construction industry.

  1. Through the ever increasing competition in the construction industry acquiring new clients becomes increasingly difficult.
  2. Constructions workers are not able to find job offers in their neigbourhood.
  3. Clients have no way in being guaranteed the quality of construction workers they are contemplating on hiring. Another factor, the project price may be too expensive.

Builderium platform aims to solve all those problems.

For further information visit  Builderium's website.

Aug 20, 2018